holiday weekend.

A holiday weekend spent at home is one of the best kinds. Usually three days off will have me itching to plan some grand adventure, but I purposefully kept plans light this weekend to soak in all the relaxing goodness.

Faves from this weekend:

*Busby’s West with D, my dear friend Ashley and her boyfriend. Fun times were definitely had by all.
*Football, football, and more football – with the highlight being the LSU v. UNC game. LSU won!
*My introduction to sweet tea vodka. Um – YUM. This stuff is dangerous and I plan to pick up a bottle immediately. Instructions from a southerner: fill large glass with ice, fill ¾ full with sweet tea vodka, fill rest of the way with lemonade. Repeat.
*Dinner in the valley with friends – with cooler weather, it was lovely to sit outdoors and drink Cab, eat salad, and relax. I made pound cake. Delish.

All relaxed and ready for some big upcoming weekends...

(Photo via flickr)