halloween memory lane.

Some of the finer moments of my life!

I think the theme I clearly chose for this year was "pumpkins" - I'd consider myself successful, even at age 2(?)

Onto a more sophisticated look - the geisha. I think this kimono might have actually been from Japan, when we had an exchange student living with us!

I remember feeling like a fairy princess in this costume! More than usual, anyway...

A dark phase in my life (and of my nose...)

Such a free spirit, with a skeptical Thomas the Tank Engine:

And yes, that was my little brother. Age 3ish? I remember him being annoying...but now this picture reminds me just how darn cute he was. Ah, retrospect.

Another ode to my brother, Pierre the Pirate:

Look familiar? Costume recycle win! Yes, this is the bro again, with his super sweet TMNT slippers!

And a bonus - my beautiful mama - as a can-can dancer! Circa 1970s?

Happy Halloween!!!


halloween and stuff.

This post has been sitting unpublished all week...and it would be pointless to post it after Halloween, so here it is!

Last weekend kicked off Halloween week for me (love me some Halloween!), and D and I went and picked out some lovely pumpkins, and proceeded to watch horror movies and carve our pumpkins while drinking fall beer. Yum. Surprising to me, this was my favorite. We watched Let the Right One In (WHY did they remake this movie in the US? The original is so amazing!) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (still love this movie...and the soundtrack is pretty great). We saved a bunch of movies for this weekend:

The Exorcist - neither of us has seen this! Not surprising for me, but when you realize D is a horror fanboy, it's downright shocking.

Hocus Pocus - Love this one.

The Halloween Tree - ALL time favorite! I have the book this year too...and as much as I can't stand Farenheit 451, Ray Bradbury did right on this one. Also, he narrates it! BIG thanks to Tommy for giving me a VHS player to watch this - he singlehandedly saved my Halloween.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Standard.

If we have time: Dracula, Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, Fright Night, The Skeleton Key, Interview with the Vampire, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Christine, Jaws, Teen Wolf...just to name a few from the collection.

PS: Love this...one of my favorite books/movies of my childhood...

PPS: A funny IM from a dear coworker today yesterday (told you this post has been sitting around):
NamelessCoworker: i need a halloween costume that doesn't involve a lot of time and prep
NamelessCoworker: and isn't me in a garbage bag calling myself a raisin

Happy Halloween!



I'm running on fumes today, but I had to share this post:

Comfort At All Costs

(via Beauty Bets)

Good read. Happy Friday! A big ol glass of red wine is in my future tonight...


palm springs.

I seriously can't believe that it's been five weeks since Palm Springs. Time sure flies...

I really only got a few decent pictures, but here are my faves.


new york wedding weekend.

For our grand finale of the year of the weddings, D and I headed to upstate New York (Saratoga Springs) to celebrate his brother's wedding. I love going to the land where the seasons DO change...and it was happening right before my eyes over the nearly four days we were there! I wanted to go on a fall foliage adventure, but sadly there was no time, so I caught photos where I could.

Some of my favorites from the weekend...


wine and hayrides.

The past few days in LA have been lovely! As in: rainy, cold, and totally on par for the season. I love rainy days (although they do make it extra hard to get up and moving in the morning).

This weekend I went out with a few amazing college girlfriends...starting at Layla (delicious Mediterranean food), where four bottles of wine were consumed among five of us, then we moved along to Bar Food, and ended up at Bodega Wine Bar. There was a lot of wine in my Saturday night!

Last night D and I headed up to Griffith Park with a group of friends to check out the LA Haunted Hayride. Driving up, I put on my Halloween music mix to make our way to the park through the foggy, gloomy weather (perfect for a haunted hayride). It wasn’t very busy when we got there, but when we decided to head into the haymaze, I immediately regretted it. We were the only ones in there! After being surrounded by monsters (one with a chainsaw) we bailed out the emergency exit and made our way to the hayride. It was definitely a fun experience...but it made me realize I’m so not capable of being scared like I used to. In high school a group of us used to go to Knott’s Scary Farm every year, and the thought of being in that for a whole night just makes my heart stop.

And what's creepier than a near-empty carnival?

Answer: Nothing!


a birthday.

Work is still so busy for me this week, but I had to take a moment and give a birthday shoutout to one of my favorite guys. Happy birthday, Maximus - he's 1 today!

(Sorry, this post is a total love-fest...I couldn't really edit my favorite photos to just a few.)



I haz it.

Be back - with my sanity and hopefully a fun NY recap - in a few days.


fast math.

(I am an artist-e)

In the past week, I have:

- traveled 5562 miles.

- spent 12 hours in 4 different airports, on 7 occasions.

- celebrated 1 fantastic couple, in the 8th wedding of the year (but the first church wedding!).

- uploaded 250+ pictures, from said wedding. Must.edit.photos.

- come down with 1 unidentified sickness (bad cold? Flu? Don’t know, but it’s on its way out, FINALLY).

- watched about 15 hours of TV (11 of which were yesterday, parked on my couch, wrapped like a burrito in a blanket with my cat and a 102deg fever. The rest were football).

And now it’s the weekend again, after my abbreviated work week. I can’t wait to bake wedding cupcakes with some good friends, maybe catch a movie, and relax! Happy Friday!