fast math.

(I am an artist-e)

In the past week, I have:

- traveled 5562 miles.

- spent 12 hours in 4 different airports, on 7 occasions.

- celebrated 1 fantastic couple, in the 8th wedding of the year (but the first church wedding!).

- uploaded 250+ pictures, from said wedding. Must.edit.photos.

- come down with 1 unidentified sickness (bad cold? Flu? Don’t know, but it’s on its way out, FINALLY).

- watched about 15 hours of TV (11 of which were yesterday, parked on my couch, wrapped like a burrito in a blanket with my cat and a 102deg fever. The rest were football).

And now it’s the weekend again, after my abbreviated work week. I can’t wait to bake wedding cupcakes with some good friends, maybe catch a movie, and relax! Happy Friday!