halloween and stuff.

This post has been sitting unpublished all week...and it would be pointless to post it after Halloween, so here it is!

Last weekend kicked off Halloween week for me (love me some Halloween!), and D and I went and picked out some lovely pumpkins, and proceeded to watch horror movies and carve our pumpkins while drinking fall beer. Yum. Surprising to me, this was my favorite. We watched Let the Right One In (WHY did they remake this movie in the US? The original is so amazing!) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (still love this movie...and the soundtrack is pretty great). We saved a bunch of movies for this weekend:

The Exorcist - neither of us has seen this! Not surprising for me, but when you realize D is a horror fanboy, it's downright shocking.

Hocus Pocus - Love this one.

The Halloween Tree - ALL time favorite! I have the book this year too...and as much as I can't stand Farenheit 451, Ray Bradbury did right on this one. Also, he narrates it! BIG thanks to Tommy for giving me a VHS player to watch this - he singlehandedly saved my Halloween.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Standard.

If we have time: Dracula, Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, Fright Night, The Skeleton Key, Interview with the Vampire, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Christine, Jaws, Teen Wolf...just to name a few from the collection.

PS: Love this...one of my favorite books/movies of my childhood...

PPS: A funny IM from a dear coworker today yesterday (told you this post has been sitting around):
NamelessCoworker: i need a halloween costume that doesn't involve a lot of time and prep
NamelessCoworker: and isn't me in a garbage bag calling myself a raisin

Happy Halloween!