halloween memory lane.

Some of the finer moments of my life!

I think the theme I clearly chose for this year was "pumpkins" - I'd consider myself successful, even at age 2(?)

Onto a more sophisticated look - the geisha. I think this kimono might have actually been from Japan, when we had an exchange student living with us!

I remember feeling like a fairy princess in this costume! More than usual, anyway...

A dark phase in my life (and of my nose...)

Such a free spirit, with a skeptical Thomas the Tank Engine:

And yes, that was my little brother. Age 3ish? I remember him being annoying...but now this picture reminds me just how darn cute he was. Ah, retrospect.

Another ode to my brother, Pierre the Pirate:

Look familiar? Costume recycle win! Yes, this is the bro again, with his super sweet TMNT slippers!

And a bonus - my beautiful mama - as a can-can dancer! Circa 1970s?

Happy Halloween!!!