(Almost) Turkey Day.

Work is still sucking the life out of me and my lovely coworkers, and one of my favorite people is at my parents' house right at this very moment:

My grandma. I absolutely cannot wait to see her...just 24 more hours!

She's the best. Even when she hides from my camera.

(Pictures from summer 2008)


Oh, November.

Is it true that as time passes, pain becomes less memorable? I think our human memories are programmed to forget the pain and remember the pleasure.

So this time of the year goes...at work. 15, 17, 20 hour days. Weekend. The fun never stops!

But the radio is already playing Christmas music, so there's that. And no - it is NOT too soon. It's never too soon. Thought I guess anyone owning 20+ Christmas CDs shouldn't really be included in that kind of opinion poll, right?

(Photo via flickr)



Maru makes me happy.

Happy Friday!


cold cure: champagne and shopping.

I got sick again this week. No bueno! I think I drank about 8 cups of Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea last night (big ol thanks to Yellow Brick Blog for mentioning that it's back in store!).

But this evening I'm off to Los Gatos for 2 glorious days with my bestest. Our agenda includes wine, hikes, champagne brunches and lots of shopping. Even this cough can't keep me down! Happy Weekend!


and this:

are about to be all up in my weekend!