cheers, 2011!

Happy 2011, friends!


the year that was.

2010 was quite the year, and since I'm feeling all sentimental this year-end, let's travel down memory lane, shall we?

As soon as humanly possible after the new year, I got Lasik. One of the best decisions of my life. The same week, I got Maximus...who provides hours of entertainment!

For the first trip of the year I ate buffalo wings in Buffalo, and snuck into Canada. In March I moved in with a boy, then attended wedding #1 of the year...Awesome: A Wedding.

D's parents came to visit us in April and we showed them around LA. In May I went to wedding #2 for a dear high school friend. Then I went to Vegas for one of my best girlfriends' bachelorette party! The summer kicked off with outdoor cemetery movies.

I had the most incredible long birthday weekend, then went to wedding #3 on the gorgeous Malibu beach. Then suddenly it was July and time for wedding #4 in Santa Barbara! Summertime was capped off with wedding #5 and eating delicious fair food. Oh, and I ran a half-marathon...no biggie!

September already? Must be time for wedding #6! Then I went to Palm Springs and my favorite turned 1. Oh but first...wedding #7 in upstate New York! Phew...so much love in 2010! The holidays snuck up and with it one of my favorite holidays...so haunted hayrides and pumpkin carving were in order.

I disappeared in November into work, then surfaced to host a very belated housewarming/cookie party. Then D and I snuck off to Solvang for a night. Wow...and then it was pretty much Christmas already (and I got to see my favorite Christmas lights!). And now...here we are. Christmas is over, I can't even believe it. I went up to the bay area for a couple days and now it's time for New Years. Seriously...a whole year? I'm still spinning.

Well I'm off to celebrate the last couple days of vacation and ring in 2011 right. Happy (almost) New Year!


happy christmas!



the eve of christmas eve.

Well...it's nearly here! Tonight I'm packing up the cat and driving to my parents for a few days to relax, take lots of naps, watch movies, and celebrate some Christmas. Maybe eat a whole box of See's candy. Who knows what excitement the weekend holds?

Then on Monday, I'm heading up the the bay area for some quality time with a few of the loves of my life (and drinks lots of champagne to toast my bestest's engagement!). Yay area.

Happy holidays, friends. Here's some Christmas spirit that makes me happy from around the interwebs...

Joyeux Noël!

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feels like rain.

I think nature took me a little too seriously in this post.

Cue torrential, non-stop rains. I'm surprised Southern California hasn't been washed away! The weekend still managed to be fantastic, though.

Friday night some friends hosted a Christmas party, full of wine and Christmas carols around a piano. Great times all around.

Saturday D and I drove out to my parents' to celebrate my mama's birthday. We also went and saw The Fighter (one of the better movies this year...seriously fantastic) and drove by some Christmas lights.

Sadly by the time we made it into the light display it was after 11pm, and many fantastic houses were shut off. But one house rocked the lights set to music:

Love it!



Just a quick post on this rainy Saturday...

The lovely Mara of M Loves M posted my cookies (the ones I made for this party) over at her blog. Go check it out!

Happy weekend!

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water for elephants.

I can't wait...

birthday post.

Just a quick post to wish my mama a very happy birthday! Can't wait to celebrate with her this weekend.


christmas palm trees.

Is it seriously mid December? And Christmas is next week? I kind of feel like this isn’t real life, the way time is speeding along.

I certainly never expect snow for the holidays (because here in LA, it might mean Armageddon), but I always fantasize that I'll wake up to a winter wonderland, with no need to turn on the air conditioner on Christmas day (which is usually the case).

The dream:

The reality:

I guess it’s all about working what we’ve got – like this fantastic Cali Christmas party! What a fab idea.

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the weekend of weekends.

D and I took a mini vaca to Solvang on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary, and it was one of those trips that was just amazing, start to finish.

We did some wine tasting, and decided to join the wine club at Dascomb Cellars. I am generally super picky on joining wine clubs, because I rarely visit a winery that I could easily take home any of the choices on the tasting list. But not only did I love everything on the tasting menu, but we got to try a Syrah that was open and off the tasting menu also (we ended up buying a bottle of that, as well as the Roussanne and a Cabernet Sauvignon). Dave Dascomb, the owner, stopped by the tasting room with his wife and we got a chance to chat with them - they are both awesome. I'm excited to be part of their wine club.

While wine tasting I got word that my bestest friend in the world got engaged! Cue me doing a happy dance and crying in the middle of a wine tasting room. Yep, that happened (sorry, D).

Other highlights: drinks and dinner at Root 246, amazing mulled wine and live music at Sort This Out Cellars, beautiful empty streets in the morning, the scenic drive home along Highway 154.



D and I dubbed Thursdays date night awhile back. Sometimes we stick to it, and sometimes our "date" involves catching up on old episodes of Modern Family on the DVR. C'est life.

But this week our date night happens to fall on a particularly great day.

Happy two years, my dear.



Speaking of favorite blogs, The Lil Bee had a giveaway going on for APART Style on her blog, and I threw my name into the ring. I rarely try my luck at blogger giveaways, but the APART clothes were so pretty I figured – why not.

Imagine my shock (and several others’!) when APART decided to gift all giveaway submissions with the article of clothing of our choice. I was floored, to say the least.

So last week this showed up for me:

I can’t wait to wear it...most possibly for New Year’s Eve. Usually I’m running around on December 30 trying to find something decent in stores that have been picked over. This year? I’m covered. I’m thinking maybe a fun statement necklace and some sparkly shoes!


new favorites.

I was sick for about a month until last week when I finally decided enough is enough and opted to go to the doctor. Verdict? Bronchitis. It's amazing how a (super sexy) inhaler and some antibiotics made my will to live increase exponentially. Not being able to breathe isn't the most fun ever.

While I was languishing and coughing on my couch and catching up on my instant queue, I got a chance to update my google reader. Here are some great blogs I've discovered this year:

A Cheery Disposition

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The Bitten Word

The Lil Bee

Women’s Debauchery Auxiliary

Yellow Brick Blog

Got any good recommendations? Send them my way! Perusing blogs while sipping tea in the morning is my favorite.



(Victoria Gardens Christmas tree over Thanksgiving weekend)

This weekend was just lovely, but felt way too short. Typical. Friday I baked all night (til 2:30am, but that might be because I got caught up in old eps of Sex and the City) in anticipation of having some dear friends over for a wine night slash cookie exchange.

Saturday morning D and I headed down to SkiDazzle and I bought a snowboard and bindings! I bought boots two seasons ago, then last season I got Lasik smack in the middle of the better part of the season, so I didn't ride. I cannot wait to get up to Big Bear and do some boarding again.

Saturday night I met some girlfriends at Obika for wine and dinner...I can't get enough of this place. I've never ordered one of the actual meals...it's all about getting a few platters of mozzarella and charcuterie and sharing. Deeelish. The Chianti was also pretty darn tasty.

After dinner I headed home for a belated housewarming (very belated...we moved in in March) slash wine party/cookie exchange. And people really delivered. Not only were there about 10 different kinds of cookies, but 5 of them were vegan! A dear friend is vegan and my girl Mary has recently gone vegetarian and is flirting with a vegan diet, and let me admit...some of the vegan cookies were my favorite ones. I made Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles that were out of this world. Crispy and sweet with a bit of heat on the finish (cayenne!). This weekend was kind of a sugar coma.

Yesterday D and I went to our friend Sami’s play, and I couldn’t stop drooling over the design elements. I was a lighting designer in a former life (and hopefully again someday) and it was just a visual explosion. We got home just in time for the rain to start, and listening to the rain on the roof was the best way to end the weekend – falling asleep to the rain is one of my all time favorite activities.

Here’s hoping the week will speed right by. It’s a special one. Stay tuned.