new favorites.

I was sick for about a month until last week when I finally decided enough is enough and opted to go to the doctor. Verdict? Bronchitis. It's amazing how a (super sexy) inhaler and some antibiotics made my will to live increase exponentially. Not being able to breathe isn't the most fun ever.

While I was languishing and coughing on my couch and catching up on my instant queue, I got a chance to update my google reader. Here are some great blogs I've discovered this year:

A Cheery Disposition

Butter + Cream


Dinner: A Love Story

Enjoying the Small Things

From Portland to Peonies

Heart of Light

Hyperbole and a Half

La Mia Vita

Law of Fashion

Love Maegan

Rants of a Sassy Stew

The 818

The Bitten Word

The Lil Bee

Women’s Debauchery Auxiliary

Yellow Brick Blog

Got any good recommendations? Send them my way! Perusing blogs while sipping tea in the morning is my favorite.