ramblings and blog-love.

It's that time of year. I love me some Christmas-time, and my XM radio is permanently tuned to the Holly channel. I've been trying to ration mass consumption of coffee house holiday drinks. And this weekend, D and I are having a few friends over for some wine and cookie-exchangin'.

But I work in corporate law, and this time of the year is our busy season, generally, with a December 31 deadline for everything. So I've been in blog hiding, but I still find time to scroll through google reader and catch up on my favorite blogs, as they get me through my crazy days!

Every year end I usually do some blog searching and find new ones that I'd like to read and clear out old ones I'm not as keen on. I started reading tons of personal blogs last year and can I just say - you bloggers are amazing! I am always so floored by your humor and transparency on your little piece of the interweb.

So as I scroll through my blogroll and do some updating, I'm going to prep a few posts of my absolute faves. Because that's the kind of brain capacity I'm totally capable of these days. And tis the season to spread the love, right?

Happy Friday!