Today is going to be a busy busy work day, and I am so looking forward to going home and relaxing on the couch with The Situation and the rest of the gang on Jersey Shore via my DVR.

Since 99.9% of my camera phone pics are of Maximus, here are two that aren't:

(At the Biltmore in SB - wish I was in that moment right now!)

(There are no words for this fantastical situation.)


card games and pacey-con.

This weekend featured bowling with D and my lil brother, an 8 1/2 mile run, and recently-instilled game night. Best way to spend a Sunday evening? A glass of wine and a game or two! This week I taught D Egyptian War and Speed, and I have to say, it was a lot more relaxing than with my usual card game partner: my brother. Let's just say those games generally end in violence and/or tears.

I also refreshed my music collection and discovered my new favorite band: Mumford & Sons.

And discovered this as well:

"I do it because Pacey Witter is the greatest character in television history. Ever. Period." - Joshua Jackson - "Pacey-Con 2010"

You, Joshua, are MY favorite thing. Ever. Period. Long live Charlie Conway!


wishing summer away.

I know it's a blasphemous thought...wishing summer away. But I’ve never been particularly enamored with the season. Maybe it’s because I was a nerd growing up, and school just wasn’t that bad (except for all the awkwardness of being a kid, ha!). Maybe it’s my obsession with school supplies and first days and changing seasons. Scratch that last one...I’m from California. I can dream!

College summertime was for working full time since it was difficult to work over the school year (theater + sorority + 2 majors will do that!), and I missed the days of setting up class schedules for 3 days a week between the hours of 11 and 4, while designing a show and planning the perfect date party ensemble. Why doesn’t real life work that way?

I can’t think back to one summer where I didn’t break down and pull out my (probably 30 or so) holiday CDs and listen to them secretly over and over again.

No holiday CDs in sight for now (yet...), but I may or may not be online shopping for boots and cardigans.

And dreaming of pumpkin baked goods.

And now I’m thinking of those CDs...

(Photo via Flickr - love his work!)


santa barbara celebration.

One of my very best friends got married on Friday evening, and I was lucky enough to be in her wedding party! The celebration was at the Four Seasons Biltmore in Montecito, as Santa Barbara is as special to the bride and groom as it is to me - we all met in college there.

(Rehearsal dinner at a 1920s private Montecito home)

(Hawaiian dancers)

(Yum! M&Ms and Groom's Cake)

(Breathtaking venue)

(First dance, father/daughter dance)

(Cake, more yum)

Now these two are off to Maui for 12 days...I am trés jealous!


rain and long weekends.

Apparently someone up in the heavens got ticked off at us peons on Earth, and kicked the planet off its axis. I only say this because while the east coast seems to be getting scorching heat, I drove to work today in the lovely Los Angeles...rain.

Or maybe the weather was just mad that the 3 day weekend was over. I can relate...it was such a relaxing weekend! I’m basically a 10 year old when it comes to holidays. I crave holiday rituals like none other. So basically that means D is coerced into watching my favorite holiday movies, eating holiday food, and the like.

My 4th of July meant some of my dad’s incredible margaritas and the movie Independence Day. I’m generally a fan of super simple, non-sugary drinks. My dad’s margarita recipe is so basic it’s profound: sweet and sour, good tequila, triple sec and lots of ice. Blend, blend, blend, rim the glass with salt, drink through a fun straw. Repeat. The best.

Now it’s time to settle into a nice 2 day work week before I’m off to a wedding!

By the way...who caught that Jake/Vienna trainwreck on TV last night? Epic.

(Photo via flickr)



All quiet on the western front. I think I have successfully settled into the lazy days of summer. Well, you know, as lazy as they can be when you’re workin’ the 9 to 5.

No huge plans for the holiday weekend and I am completely ok with that, because next weekend one of my bestest friends gets married, and I am lucky enough to be a bridesmaid! She’s getting hitched in one of my favorite places ever. More details next week on that.

Happy 4th of July weekend! Hopefully by Tuesday I will have watched Independence Day, ran 7 miles (half marathon training!), baked a pie and made at least one pitcher of my dad’s incredible margaritas.