I have been feeling very pensive the past week and a half. Normal January blues (January is by far the most dull month of the year) coupled with some tough times makes me want to put a temporary pause on life and hibernate. I am so jealous of the snow days over on the east coast right now. If I had a snow day, I would make a big batch of soup, sit on my couch, and watch a million episodes of Friends (I own all 10 seasons, and have watched the series in its entirety more times than I care to admit).

This year I made a decision to be more creative (my creative muscle is languishing slowly...but makes me love this little slice of the interweb even more), so last weekend I blew off everyone (even my own boyfriend) to be a total hermit, bought a crochet hook and some lovely yarn (from here), and attempted to dust off my crochet skills. Turns out it was like riding a bike...but I didn't love the final turnout, so I keep unraveling and re-doing (rinse and repeat).

For now, it's day by day...I'm training for half-marathon #2 and trying to get some R&R before the year gets too out of hand, and it's suddenly the holidays again. Happens every year!

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