big news!

Last Wednesday night, D and I got engaged. He proposed...I said yes.


Saturday we snuck off to Santa Barbara to celebrate. Out of all our trips to SB together, this one certainly was the best (how could it not be??). We got an oceanfront room, and sipped champagne while talking about weddings and futures and all the best sorts of stuff.

Saturday evening we had dinner at Blue Agave, then went out for (lots of) celebratory drinks. Celebrating in my favorite place with my favorite person? Happiness.



back at it.

I can't believe that in one month from yesterday, I leave for NYC to run 13.1 miles. I was doing so well training before I broke my arm, and now I plan to get back at it this weekend (probably in the gym since it's supposed to rain, rain, rain!). Hopefully easing back into it won't be TOO painful.

Some errands on the agenda, but mostly lots of relaxing. Rain always makes me want to bake. Maybe some cookies will happen?

Happy 3-day weekend!

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big bear.

Last weekend was a much-anticipated trip to Big Bear with a group of friends. Ten of us trekked up the (not very snowy) mountain for 3 days of skiing/boarding, drinking, and general relaxation. Well the skiing/boarding part didn’t exactly work out (no one went...and clearly I wasn’t able to due to my lovely broken wrist), so drinking and relaxation it was.

We stayed in a fantastic house, Mary played chef for the weekend, and all in all it was just what I needed in life. Wine and beer was consumed (and lots of delicious food), a trek into Big Bear Village happened, fudge was bought and eaten, hot tubbing commenced, moustaches were worn, and Catchphrase was played.

Weekends like that are what life’s all about! I’m already plotting a summer Big Bear adventure.


and just like that...

I feel like this pic right now...like throwing my arms up in joy! I went to the Doctor today as a follow up to surgery for this incident. Rewind...yes, I had to get surgery on my arm and the doc put a metal plate in my wrist. My first time under general anesthesia and everything! I have a lifetime of airport security hassles ahead of me.

I have been laying pretty low due to recovering and the fact that just functioning at work was Mt. Everest to me. Desk job with one arm? Let me just tell you this...you have not lived until you've opened mail with your teeth. I fell asleep on the couch at about 8pm last night and didn't wake up until morning. No joke. Just living life is tiring!

But...BUT! After today's doctor's visit, doc TOOK MY CAST OFF! Just boom - it's gone! I am certainly not healed...I have a nasty long cut that's stitched up on my wrist, and absolutely no mobility in my wrist or thumb. But I can type and shower and do normal-people things again, for the most part.

'Scuse me while I go do a happy dance! Oh and just for fun:

Yup, cracked straight through the bone.

(First photo via, second one from the ER the day of the incident)