pizza and beer.

The last few weeks, as the week winds down, there has been consensus in our house for dinner: homemade pizza + beer.

Sadly that photo isn't one I took (I suck at taking pics of my cooking, new resolution perhaps?) but it's pretty on par with what I make.

It generally goes something like this: homemade whole wheat crust, homemade pizza sauce (playing with an improvised recipe to get the yummiest version), mozzarella and basil (D's side) and mushrooms and basil (my side). Pair with delicious beer. Slip into a Friday coma. Yet another reason to wish it was Friday instead of Monday...sigh. I know I can make it whenever I feel like it, but there's something special about it being a Friday night ritual!

This weekend was the last relaxing one for awhile. The year is really revving up in the coming weeks, between birthday parties, engagements and weddings, and heading off to NYC for 5 days next week! It was nice to just relax this weekend.

Saturday D and I headed out to my parents' to celebrate our engagement. My mom and I ran errands and found ourselves in the wedding section of Barnes and Noble. Is it just me, or are there some ridiculous wedding books out there? My mom bought me two bride magazines and we called it a day. Oh, but she made sure to purchase this book for D. Ridiculous. Slash amazing. It definitely got a laugh.

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Kerry said...

pizza and beer... a Friday night favorite at our house too. I'd love to hear what your sauce recipe is when you find just the right one!