friday, friday.

(I’d like to live in a Hobbit hole, please and thanks!)

Friday...we meet again. I feel like I have been scattered all over the place this week, and haven’t really been able to piece together a cohesive post, so here is some brain dump for this lovely spring weekend...

Wedding updates: Venue and DJ booked, meeting with awesome potential photographers this Sunday. Woohoo!

I wish sometimes that I could go to this, but it is always the same weekend as this. And as an added bonus, a dear college friend is having an engagement party in SB on Sunday...can’t wait!

Some crazy awesome talented friends are making a movie. Got a dollar or more to spare? Check it out here...this absolutely needs to be produced!

Barely a month off my last half marathon and I kind of want to run another one already. Hmm...any ideas? Want to run one with me?

Obligatory royal wedding commentary: Didn't watch, caught the highlights, loved her dress, want a fascinator.

Ok, have a lovely weekend!


friday joy.

I don't know about everyone else, but this week was pretty killer for me. Next week will probably be tough as well, but this weekend...this weekend!...my best friend in the whole wide world is coming to LA for a visit. I'm as happy as that sheep up there!

My dear BFF just took the MCAT (she's such a smarty pants!), so there will be LOTS of drinks and celebration. Did I mention that she is engaged too? I don't think I ever dreamt so big as to imagine my BFF and I would be engaged at the same time in our lives, but there is a good chance we'll be getting married within mere months of each other. There will be none of this (did anyone else hate that movie as much as me??). Just pure joy.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

(Sheep via Pinterest)



Just some happy for the long long workweek...



I go through periods of time where I get grumpy that I'm no longer in college. Shocker right? But for serious, the reasoning isn't the ability to sleep in til noon (who am I kidding, I rarely slept in) and party on a Tuesday (which I am fine leaving in the glory days!). It's the fact that I got to see my favorite people pretty much 24/7.

College certainly had a knack of breeding together-ness, didn't it? Living in a dorm for a year then a sorority house for three years really made constant social interaction the norm for me.

The past two weekends, I've been lucky enough to spend quality time with a few close college girlfriends, then a group of girls who might as well have been my college girlfriends considering how quickly I've come to love them!

These are best sorts of weekend moments...where no pictures are taken, because the time is filled with talking and drinking wine and even some late night dance parties.

Graduating college, I can honestly say I was terrified about what the future held. Having an unstructured life that I could take wherever I wanted, and not be surrounded by my nearest and dearest, was incredibly overwhelming.

Five years later, I look around and realize I am still surrounded by the most amazing people! But "surrounded" has turned from a college campus to, I don't know, the whole Earth, I suppose (and what an excuse to travel all over and see these awesome folks).

Ok, I lied, one photo was taken this past weekend (frosting off a spoon, homemade on the spot by Mary):


i gay parked my car.

Brilliant. Are you on Pinterest yet? Let's be friends!



Last night, I went with a group of girlfriends to Hamburger Mary's for some good clean drag queen bingo. Ok, scratch the clean part, but I'd been wanting to go for ages and jumped at the chance when I got an invite from a friend!

While I didn't win (I could barely keep up, what with all the hollerin' and wine drinkin'!), it was a fantastic experience, and one I plan to do again.

Definitely worth crossing off the "LA To-Do" list!



Sometimes I wonder if I would be better suited for a tumblr account, so I can post all my favorite amazingness that is floating around the interwebs daily.

At the very least, my friends' email accounts would be far less cluttered.

Today's docket? Craigs-Lisp, courtesy of this recently discovered gem.

You're welcome, and have a great week.