friday, friday.

(I’d like to live in a Hobbit hole, please and thanks!)

Friday...we meet again. I feel like I have been scattered all over the place this week, and haven’t really been able to piece together a cohesive post, so here is some brain dump for this lovely spring weekend...

Wedding updates: Venue and DJ booked, meeting with awesome potential photographers this Sunday. Woohoo!

I wish sometimes that I could go to this, but it is always the same weekend as this. And as an added bonus, a dear college friend is having an engagement party in SB on Sunday...can’t wait!

Some crazy awesome talented friends are making a movie. Got a dollar or more to spare? Check it out here...this absolutely needs to be produced!

Barely a month off my last half marathon and I kind of want to run another one already. Hmm...any ideas? Want to run one with me?

Obligatory royal wedding commentary: Didn't watch, caught the highlights, loved her dress, want a fascinator.

Ok, have a lovely weekend!