I go through periods of time where I get grumpy that I'm no longer in college. Shocker right? But for serious, the reasoning isn't the ability to sleep in til noon (who am I kidding, I rarely slept in) and party on a Tuesday (which I am fine leaving in the glory days!). It's the fact that I got to see my favorite people pretty much 24/7.

College certainly had a knack of breeding together-ness, didn't it? Living in a dorm for a year then a sorority house for three years really made constant social interaction the norm for me.

The past two weekends, I've been lucky enough to spend quality time with a few close college girlfriends, then a group of girls who might as well have been my college girlfriends considering how quickly I've come to love them!

These are best sorts of weekend moments...where no pictures are taken, because the time is filled with talking and drinking wine and even some late night dance parties.

Graduating college, I can honestly say I was terrified about what the future held. Having an unstructured life that I could take wherever I wanted, and not be surrounded by my nearest and dearest, was incredibly overwhelming.

Five years later, I look around and realize I am still surrounded by the most amazing people! But "surrounded" has turned from a college campus to, I don't know, the whole Earth, I suppose (and what an excuse to travel all over and see these awesome folks).

Ok, I lied, one photo was taken this past weekend (frosting off a spoon, homemade on the spot by Mary):


Mary said...

This post makes me so happy :-). I think that had we gone to college together, we would've been insta-buddies just like now. And so many more fun times to come! With vegan frosting of course.