Today, I am twenty-seven!

I am still recovering from an incredible weekend. Basically four days of fun, sun, friends and general merriment.

Happy short week!

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One of my favorite weekends of the year has arrived! Today marks the start of the long holiday weekend, ending with my day of birth on Tuesday.

In a valiant effort to be a grownup, I elected NOT to take my birthday off at work. Worst idea ever. Next week's going to be nuts around these parts! So I plan to celebrate hard with some of my favorite people this weekend.

On the agenda: hike with friends, seeing some lovely friends who are in town from England, dinner with my family, a boozy brunch, and whatever else I can drum up for the weekend.

Cheers, have a great holiday weekend!

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I was going through a bag of sorority odds and ends that I saved from college (cards, calendars, etc.) and found a stack of cards that my big sis gave me my pledge quarter, over the course of big sis/lil sis week.

In one of the cards, there was a sweet note and a giftcard to starbucks. With the giftcard still there.

This was fall 2002, by the way.*

So thanks to my big sis, I am enjoying a delicious Cinnamon Dolce Latte for lunch today, to replace the gross salad I put together this morning.


*Also, it may be best if no one ever gifts me a giftcard again. This is not the first time this has happened...though 9 years is quite the record...


lazy days.

It's not even summertime yet, and I'm already getting the hang of the lazy days that go with it. Even though the weather has been less than extraordinary for this time of year in Los Angeles, it's still been nice for long outdoor runs, wine and movie dates with girlfriends, and the continuation of wedding season 2011.

By the way, have you seen Bridesmaids yet? Of course you have. Because it's the funniest movie in ages and why would you ever want to miss out on that?

I digress.

Here are some pretty pictures from the amazing wedding D and I went to last Saturday night. It was here. The lovely bride's grandfather's house! Seriously, he lives there. So rad.

(That last photo is a spun sugar concoction. Insanity. And delicious.)

Also, my cat-obsessed partner in crime, Andrea, sent this to me last night. Pure internet gold. Enjoy.

"Get out of there cat. You are not a glass. I cannot fill you with delicious chocolate milk and then drink it out of you. You are not a liquid receptacle of any kind you are a cat."

Happy weekend!


windy city and fighting irish.

It's taken a couple days to get back on track after 4 days of traveling (I am also the absolute champion of the world's worst packer, so that makes my life so much more fun when I'm going anywhere).

The trip was so wonderful...a tour de Chicago, then my cousin Matt's wedding. Some of my favorite pics...


(Notre Dame Basilica)

(Tulips everywhere!)

(South Bend shenanigans)

(Cousins' kiddos...cuteness overload)

(Both of these taken by Paige, but beautiful pics of the happy couple I just couldn't leave out!)


wednesday is the new friday.

Today is Friday! Yippee! Well, for us 4-day weekenders, anyway.

Tomorrow morning I leave on a jetplane with D and my fam to my cousin's wedding in Indiana (after a quick night stopover in Chicago!).

While I am most decidedly NOT excited for the 60 degree highs coupled with rain, I am pretty excited to see family.

Some photos from recent happenings in life:

Cheese and charcuterie at Sonoma Wine Garden with the best friend.

Santa Barbara.

Engagement party piƱata, naturally.

Also...tried Umami Burger last night. Amazing!

See ya next week...