I was going through a bag of sorority odds and ends that I saved from college (cards, calendars, etc.) and found a stack of cards that my big sis gave me my pledge quarter, over the course of big sis/lil sis week.

In one of the cards, there was a sweet note and a giftcard to starbucks. With the giftcard still there.

This was fall 2002, by the way.*

So thanks to my big sis, I am enjoying a delicious Cinnamon Dolce Latte for lunch today, to replace the gross salad I put together this morning.


*Also, it may be best if no one ever gifts me a giftcard again. This is not the first time this has happened...though 9 years is quite the record...


Miss Money said...

This is good news, because for your wedding I'm giving you this Macy's giftcard i've had in my wallet for a year with $3.49 left on it. By the time you notice you'll have Alzheimer's and Dan will have to read you the story on tumblr to figure it all out.

Sorry Dan. This IS your life.