lazy days.

It's not even summertime yet, and I'm already getting the hang of the lazy days that go with it. Even though the weather has been less than extraordinary for this time of year in Los Angeles, it's still been nice for long outdoor runs, wine and movie dates with girlfriends, and the continuation of wedding season 2011.

By the way, have you seen Bridesmaids yet? Of course you have. Because it's the funniest movie in ages and why would you ever want to miss out on that?

I digress.

Here are some pretty pictures from the amazing wedding D and I went to last Saturday night. It was here. The lovely bride's grandfather's house! Seriously, he lives there. So rad.

(That last photo is a spun sugar concoction. Insanity. And delicious.)

Also, my cat-obsessed partner in crime, Andrea, sent this to me last night. Pure internet gold. Enjoy.

"Get out of there cat. You are not a glass. I cannot fill you with delicious chocolate milk and then drink it out of you. You are not a liquid receptacle of any kind you are a cat."

Happy weekend!