friday phone pics.

Because I take so many more phone pics these days.

This week's photos are brought to you by the Jersey Shore, where I vacationed last week. True story.

Unfortunately this was further down the coast in the dry city of Ocean City. I didn't let that little detail stop me from fist pumping all the way there, though. And we trucked in some wine to sip on porches in the evening...divine...

Patches! It's like the shore is stranded in 1992! (there were also Nirvana posters on the wall and for sale...)

A Christmas shop...in July on the boardwalk...

I cooked a yummy meal...

Happy weekend!


a napa wedding fiesta.

Mary grew up in Napa then she went to UCLA and met John and took him to Napa and married him.

I danced all night in heels and could barely walk for 2 days.

I love weddings!

And I love these two times a million...so lucky to have them in my life. I can't wait to visit them in St. Louis (they're moving away! Sadness).



I have always wanted to be one of those people that carries a DSLR around my neck at all times - capturing the wonder in the everyday. So many bloggers post photos every single day - folks, you are amazing and I am jealous of your beautiful pics! I rarely manage to whip out my point and shoot for important life events (though I have some fantastic photos from this past weekend in Napa that I'm working on turning into a pretty blog post).

But ever since I made my reluctant conversion to the Iphone, I am hopelessly addicted to Instagram. It makes my simple life seem so much cooler.


life, lately.

Summer, as always, ain't what it used to be. I feel a lot like this now when summer rolls around, with some of this thrown in for good measure.

This summer has been amazing, surrounded with great friends and family and it's only going to get better. Next week one of my most favorite people gets married in Napa! Well, two. John will participate too, I'm sure.

The following week we're headed to the Jersey Shore (ok maybe not THAT Jersey shore, but it's the shore and it's in Jersey so I'm working on my pouf just to be safe) to see D's family. I've been promised naps on porches and boardwalks and family. Perfect!

Other noteworthy news (not really)...my blackberry finally kicked the dust (sort of) so I was forced (ha!) to get an Iphone. I immediately bought the Apple-employee recommended case for klutzes such as myself. I'm already hopelessly addicted to Angry Birds. The touchscreen isn't nearly as bad as I was always afraid of, and pictures of objects in my house are so much cooler in Hipstamatic. I'm so current! Maybe I should get myself one of those facebook things.

In other ACTUAL noteworthy news, these beautiful people got married!

Congrats, Rick and Robin! The view from the Malibu hilltop wasn't too shabby, either:

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!