I have always wanted to be one of those people that carries a DSLR around my neck at all times - capturing the wonder in the everyday. So many bloggers post photos every single day - folks, you are amazing and I am jealous of your beautiful pics! I rarely manage to whip out my point and shoot for important life events (though I have some fantastic photos from this past weekend in Napa that I'm working on turning into a pretty blog post).

But ever since I made my reluctant conversion to the Iphone, I am hopelessly addicted to Instagram. It makes my simple life seem so much cooler.


Miss Money said...

"It makes my simple life seem so much cooler." The beauty of you, my dear, is that your cool life is exactly that...done simply. Without effort. You just are.

PS: Love the pic of Maximus. Bailey says hi to her BF.

Allison said...

Ack! You got the padron peppers at Gott's! When I was there last week for lunch with Mary & John I was definitely eyeing those but didn't end up getting them.

Isn't Instagram de best? Love it.