Just a few more of these leisurely summer weekends, and fall will be here! "Fall" happens to be my favorite season. Air-quotes are necessary because, let's be honest, there is no such thing as seasons in Los Angeles. The past few nights though, driving west from work towards the clouds rolling onshore from the beach has been a treat. It makes me think of sweaters and cedar and pine. I'd probably be better suited living as a hermit in a shack somewhere. Just call me Nell.

Anyway, once fall rolls around, life gets pretty crazy through New Years. I'm trying my best to really relax and enjoy these slow summer days. But really, I'm just counting down to a reasonable day to put Christmas music back on my ipod. Today, you say? Perfect!

Oh, also, this project? LOVE the way it turned out!


Kerry said...

Those jars DO look great! I am wanting to do that too! Wanna come and help me clean out my kitchen. Come in about a month and you can wear your sweater and feel the real deal Fall! ;)