This weekend, D and I are off to Palm Springs for some wedding planning activities. Oh, did I mention that's where we'll be getting married? The best! We'll be doing some venue-related things and some exploring. I can't wait to be sitting in hot weather, poolside, with a glass of sangria. See you next week!

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vintage los angeles.

I can't get over how rad these vintage photos of Los Angeles are. How fun it would be to walk these streets for a day!

Love me some Century City...I feel like I can walk out of my office into this...

Other favorites...

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This week was a busy, uneventful week. I'm hoping to get some fun fall decorations up this weekend between plans here and there and running 9 miles (ouch).

Some odd and end pics for belated instagram Friday...

Cat in a Nordstrom box.

Beautiful Manhattan Beach sunset from a friend's balcony.

Surprise homemade brownies Thursday night from D!



Friday photo odds and ends...

Crafty wine party glasses (tags made by Rach's sister).

Quick after-party pool dip.

Downtown Los Gatos movie theater, I love you so.

Homeward bound last Sunday (raindrops on the winshield)

Happy weekend!


wine party.

Last weekend, my BFF Rach and her future hubby had a wine party for some of their nearest and dearest at her parents' house up in Saratoga. I'm pretty sure I consumed a week's worth of delicious wine and cheese. There was also a surprise Bi-Rite birthday cake brought down by her sister's boyfriend (Rach's birthday was yesterday). I've always wanted to try Bi-Rite...delish! There were so many adorable details...here are a few...



More camping pics. Happy Friday!



Here are a few pictures from our camping adventure last weekend. S'mores and sweet tea vodka/lemonade were consumed...seaweed-y beaches were napped on, and we were blown out of town Monday morning by torrential winds. All in all, a success!

Tonight I am off to Los Gatos for the weekend to visit the peanut butter to my jelly. We are going to wedding dress shop and wine taste and maybe sneak in a scary movie. I can't wait!



September, we meet again!

I count down until September 1st every year, and this year was no different. In the land of eternal summer, it's nice to force a reason to dust off seasonal decorations, have an excuse to wear boots (even with 80 degree weather...) and put holiday music on my playlist.

But before we get down to business on all that, this weekend D and I are heading up the coast, just north of Santa Barbara, to camp with some friends. What a perfect send-off to the summertime! Camping on the beach is something we've talked about doing for ages, and when the opportunity presented itself this week, there was really no discussion. Coin operated showers and wine out of tin cups, here we come!

Have a lovely long weekend!

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