A cat on a stuffed ghost, you're welcome.

This weekend D and I took engagement pictures down in Temecula wine country with our wedding photographers Stone and Shelby Crandall. My dream since going to college in Santa Barbara was to get married in wine country, so since we're getting married in Palm Springs, we decided to do our engagement shoot in wine country instead. I am already itching to see these amazing photos. Stone and Shelby have the coolest eye ever ("We're pulling over here and taking pics with that sun flare!") and taking pictures with them feels like you're hanging out with your lifelong best friends. I'm pretty sure Stone had to shush me and Shelby a million times because we couldn't stop chatting!

The weekend also featured a dinner date with one of my favorite girls and her boyfriend (a man who rivals D with movie trivia knowledge...I didn't know such a person existed!) then the boys went to see a midnight movie showing of a film I will not name here (a horror film I want no part of).


Kerry said...

too cute! can't wait to see some pics!