I have been obsessed with advent calendars since I was a kid...usually we just got one of the packaged ones from the store, but there was always something about only being able to open one a day that pumps up the excitement and anticipation. When I saw this great idea last week, my brain started working. I was inspired to make an advent "tree" for D and I this month, with little scraps of paper glued to the back of each day with an activity of sorts.

Last night for December 1, we pulled "make hot chocolate." The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year, but also the craziest time (between work, three birthdays, our anniversary, and oh right, all of the actual holidays that fall in there). It's fun to have a little something every day to look forward to.

Happy weekend!


I'm going to update this post with each day through the 24th!

December 1: Make hot chocolate
December 2: Bake cookies
December 3: Go to the movies
December 4: Try a new restaurant
December 5: Go out to dessert/coffee
December 6: Go to the library
December 7: Watch a movie
December 8: Drink some wine
December 9: Cheers to 3 years! today didn't have an activity, it's our 3 year anniversary!
December 10: Go out to breakfast
December 11: Go rollerblading
December 12: Find some Christmas lights in the neighborhood
December 13: Try a new recipe
December 14: Candy (Payday for D, dark chocolate for me)
December 15: Play Scrabble
December 16: Sushi date
December 17: $5 gifts (go to the store, each find a fun gift under $5 for the other)
December 18: Make breakfast
December 19: Go for a walk
December 20: Go out for a drink
December 21: $2 to buy a treat at work
December 22: Question cards (a conversation game)
December 23: Go ice skating
December 24: Merry Christmas!


Allison said...

Love this idea! And I'm glad there's someone out there that loves the Holiday season as much as I do!