There has been a lot more TV than usual happening for me since I've been nursing a broken arm.

Two of my favorite shows, as depicted by Twice Shy:



Friends, I broke my arm (specifically, my Colles, Distal Radius) snowboarding today. I'm rocking a cast, a sling and a fresh prescription of Vicodin.

The ski medic's awesome sling job (pre-hospital fiberglass cast):

Needless to say, one-armed blogging is going to be scarce.

I can't believe it's still January.

And 2011, you're killing me. This wasn't the plan for this year!


gold coins.

My brother loaded an emulator onto my laptop so I can play classic video games (NES, Sega, etc).

Then I updated my computer and now have the desktop app store.

I may never be a contributing member of society again.

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I have been feeling very pensive the past week and a half. Normal January blues (January is by far the most dull month of the year) coupled with some tough times makes me want to put a temporary pause on life and hibernate. I am so jealous of the snow days over on the east coast right now. If I had a snow day, I would make a big batch of soup, sit on my couch, and watch a million episodes of Friends (I own all 10 seasons, and have watched the series in its entirety more times than I care to admit).

This year I made a decision to be more creative (my creative muscle is languishing slowly...but makes me love this little slice of the interweb even more), so last weekend I blew off everyone (even my own boyfriend) to be a total hermit, bought a crochet hook and some lovely yarn (from here), and attempted to dust off my crochet skills. Turns out it was like riding a bike...but I didn't love the final turnout, so I keep unraveling and re-doing (rinse and repeat).

For now, it's day by day...I'm training for half-marathon #2 and trying to get some R&R before the year gets too out of hand, and it's suddenly the holidays again. Happens every year!

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a new day.

Friends, I've been totally MIA this past week due to family matters. My wonderful aunt passed away last Tuesday. My cousin Kerry says it best right here. I am so lucky to not only have known Marge, but call her family!

Then yesterday I drove up to see my grandfather (my mom's dad) with her and my brother, as he is in rapidly declining health. I feel very blessed that I was able to spend a short time with him...while he is heavily medicated, he was lucid and there were some smiles through the tears.

I don't tend to blog about the hard times, but there is no light in life without the shadows to go along with. To keep up with Mara's year of weekly resolutions, my resolution for this week is a special one: celebrate the day!

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Not the best week so far. Probably won't be blogging much, but had to share this.


back to reality.

(Enoteca in Los Gatos...pure best friend bliss)

I always try take the week between Christmas and New Years off, and have been successful since college. Truthfully, I have never stepped into the door of work on this (sacred to me!) week. That's not to say I haven't responded to a work email while drinking champagne or taking a break down a snowboarding run (seriously happened last year!). I was lucky enough to sneak up to Norcal for a few days last week and see a couple friends, but the finicky weather made me worry that this would happen to me, so I headed back to LA earlier than I hoped.

This year I'm rethinking my year-end vacation time and its importance to me. The fact is, it's my industry's busiest time of year, and I think it might be way more relaxing to take vacation in January, or July! So that's something on my mind this new year.

Other things on my mind are gathering my annual list of yearly goals. I always try to make 10 goals (resolutions...whatever) and it's been interesting to see which end up happening by December. Last year one of my goals was to run a half marathon, which I did in August!

I'll probably gather some of my list and post them here, but in the meantime, I am loving Mara's idea that she posted on her blog. The idea of constantly setting a weekly goal is certainly inspiring! I think this week, my goal is going to be to get organized - budget, calendar, life - for 2011. I always seem to do better at life with a plan.

Cheers, and hope your post-new year Monday is as painless as possible!

ALSO - Happy birthday to my Dad today!