the shore.

Just a few more photos from our trip to the shore.



Just a few more of these leisurely summer weekends, and fall will be here! "Fall" happens to be my favorite season. Air-quotes are necessary because, let's be honest, there is no such thing as seasons in Los Angeles. The past few nights though, driving west from work towards the clouds rolling onshore from the beach has been a treat. It makes me think of sweaters and cedar and pine. I'd probably be better suited living as a hermit in a shack somewhere. Just call me Nell.

Anyway, once fall rolls around, life gets pretty crazy through New Years. I'm trying my best to really relax and enjoy these slow summer days. But really, I'm just counting down to a reasonable day to put Christmas music back on my ipod. Today, you say? Perfect!

Oh, also, this project? LOVE the way it turned out!



Another half-marathon. You'd think I'm running for my life or something.

I have been trying to get D to run a race with me for awhile now, and he finally agreed! We were going to do the Las Vegas Half-Marathon in December, but we changed our minds to the Los Angeles Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Carly's going to run it with us...and maybe even my brother, too!

I didn't really train at all for my last race, broken arm and all. Let's hope for no broken bones this time around!

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This weekend was everything I dreamed and more. What did I do? Basically...nothing. OK not really true, but it was the first weekend in over a month with nothing set on the agenda...something I've been craving for weeks.

Saturday I had a hair appointment with my favorite - Sebastian - over at Scissors in Santa Monica. I've been going to him for color longer than anyone I've ever been to, he is a magician with hair color. My general hair appointment routine is to score the earliest appointment available (10am) and grab some Urth Cafe tea (and possibly a goodie) beforehand, but the line was about eleventy hundred people deep for some strange reason, so I was stuck with Peets (not the same...sorry Peets lovers!).

After I got my hurr did, I headed over to Nordstrom to return a few items and do some browsing, then headed home and was inspired to clean out my closet. And I hit it...hard. I've never been so brutal on my wardrobe before! It felt amazing. I can honestly say I'd wear every item in there and nothing's there for sentiment or hoarding's sake - a tune I've never sung before.

Saturday night D and I stayed in, drank wine and watched a movie. I'd never seen it before, but it's one of D's favorites (he's played hockey his whole life!), so it was awesome watching it and getting a ton of background info and antecdotes from him.

Yesterday we decided to grab brunch and ended up at the Bar & Grill portion of Literati, which I've never had before. I always end up in the cafe side, and yesterday was a total treat. I love the menu and it's much less of a scene than the cafe side (and lovely to sit outside). We will be back!

I've been itching to do some sort of crafty project, and I was super inspired by this:

(Found here)

So I headed down to OSH for some chalkboard paint, then came home and decided my kitchen needed to be totally re-vamped and cleaned out, too. Bright ideas. I think I was a bit over-ambitious, but the kitchen looks amazing (and super duper clean) now, and the jars looks awesome! I'll try to get a picture of them once they are filled and labeled.

And here we are again, Monday. Have a lovely week! Is it September yet?