santa barbara wedding.

Not traveling for the weekend is kind of the business. Had a wonderful sushi date at our fave local spot (walking to dinner in LA = win) with some good friends last night, cleaned the apartment today, and finally got around to uploading pics from Annie and Edge's wedding in Santa Barbara last weekend. Also, Google is telling me that today is the 125th anniversary for the world's largest snowflake, so there's that.


new york.

A few favorite pics from our trip to New York...

A visit to my NY office - fun views (though I admit I like our LA office views better!)

I could stand there all day long.

Hotel lobby (not ours).

Saratoga Springs got some freezing rain, so we decided to bowl.

Front porch views.



A few instagram pics from New York. Off to Santa Barbara in the morning, have a lovely weekend!

Darling little coffee shop in the Bowery right around the corner from our rental - was here daily...

Two bottles of "cheap" later (split with Carly)...

Oysters, delish...

Floor to ceiling candy...

Hotel lobby we stopped into - stone dog giving the gun...


bright lights, big city.

(A little sauv blanc and an empty bowling alley is not a bad way to spend a freezing rainy Tuesday afternoon!)

As I type this, I am somewhere over Indiana heading home to LA. Technology, friends! I have to admit, I am a staunch cheapskate when it comes to airplane charges ($7 for a snack pack? Blasphemous!), but Virgin America tempts me with a power outlet and a direct flight - 6 straight hours to do nothing but stare at the map with the little plane icon, barreling west, or jump online and catch up on 1000+ google reader posts from the past six days. I think we can tell by this post which one I chose.

Our trip was wonderful - a perfect combo of sheer exhausted euphoria running around the streets of Manhattan, then three days of nothing but sleep and family upstate. Save for a total crying meltdown in Penn Station by yours truly (I blame about 12 hours of sleep total in a week + a less than pleasant Amtrak employee), it was a complete vacation success.

I am so excited to get back home to my bed and regularly scheduled programming - for 2 days, at least. Saturday is a wedding in Santa Barbara of two of my absolute favorite people (in my absolute favorite place? Sure, let's do this!).

I'll post more trip pictures tomorrow. Happy hump day!


save the dates.

Last week D & I sent out our save the dates, which was so exciting for me (him too, I'm sure)! We've had sort of a longer engagement, which has been wonderful with relaxed planning. Finalizing our guest list, though, was one of the hardest things we had to do, and sending out the save the dates felt like it's all really happening.

I designed the card and printed them through this online company. I was very happy with the way they turned out for the price! I ordered this label paper, and created a label template that would wrap around the card with the recipient on the front and our return address on the back. You can access the template here. Google documents tweaked a few things - mainly my font and font formatting, but it's the general idea. I used a papercutter to cut out the labels.

We're off to New York tonight through next Wednesday - hopefully to enjoy some actual winter weather, and to see friends and family! Have a lovely long weekend!



One of my dear friends, Annie, is getting married in two weeks in Santa Barbara. I am so excited for her wedding, and this Saturday, I attended her bridal shower in Carpinteria. The shower was hosted at the most amazing vacation home, right on the water. The day started out cloudy then the sun came out, leading to a silly beach photo shoot (ok, it might have had something to do with the bloody marys...).



Every year, I like to write a list of 10 things I'd like to keep on my radar for the coming year. Call them resolutions if you want, but for me, these are just things I’d love to do more of and won’t be mad if they don’t necessarily work out. I’ve been making these lists every January for the past 10 years or so, and it’s been pretty fun to see what I can accomplish.

Let's put this down in writing so I have a shameful public reference to keep up with, shall we?

1. Good food.

Last year, I embarked on a no meat/dairy journey with one of my favorite people. In doing so, I came to realize something that I've suspected for a couple years now - I have some serious issues with gluten. Bummertown. So I had to re-focus my efforts there, and my quest for more quality (aka organic, local, blah blah blah) foods fell by the wayside a bit. I’d like to get back into the swing of eating less meat and dairy (and choosing more healthful options when doing so) in addition to visiting our amazing local farmers markets, etc.

2. Be good to my wardrobe.

I'm sure I'm not alone in my tornado closet tendencies, but I've made it a point this past year to buy quality over quantity, and I want to make sure to properly care for all my new and old favorites. This also includes getting things repaired, dry cleaned, purged as per necessity.

3. Write one person a week.

This can certainly be email, though my goal here is to also write letters more too. Everyone loves getting mail!

4. Read, read, read.

I’ve been reading so much more frequently since I started checking things out from the library again (one of my favorite things!). Right now I have this book on hold, and I can’t wait to go pick it up!

5. Take pictures every day.

These can be totally terrible, non-blog worthy pictures of my cat, for all I care. But I got a killer new camera for Christmas and I will learn how to use that bad boy.

6. Find one thing every day to be thankful for.

Self-explanatory and so important to me.

7. Exercise every day.

Even if it’s just a 30 minute walk. This is where I’m more focused on quantity over quality – just making being active more a part of me and less of “oh, I need to go on a run today.” Last year I resolved to run 2 half-marathons, which I did! This year I just want to be more active in my daily life.

8. Wear high heels more.

I used to wear them every day to work, and I got completely lazy about it. I love high heels, and I can’t buy any more until I actually wear the ones I have!

9. Make work lists and focus on finishing them every week.

The above may very well be true, but being at my job for nearly 4 years (!) means that so frequently, there are things that I’d like to accomplish that get put on the back burner, and I'd love to change that.

10. Plan and execute an amazing wedding.

We’re getting married this year! Hooray!

Also, since 2012 seems to be the general end of the world consensus, I leave you with this:

Have a lovely weekend!

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happy birthday, dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. He is awesome. Happy birthday, Dad!

Brother and me being photobombed by Dad at my cousin's wedding last spring...



New Year's was all sorts of fun with a few of my favorite people. It was the perfect way to kick off what is likely going to be the most memorable year yet!

Instagram from NYE and breakfast of champions the following morning: