I have been craving a hot, lazy weekend lately. I blame the weather that can’t decide whether it’s coming or going. Growing up in the inland empire, it was generally one of two things – cold or hot (cold for us thin-skinned Californians, anyway). But migrating to Santa Barbara, the bay area and now West LA, I have become begrudgingly accustomed to the range of the 60s. Do we hit the beach? Do I need a sweater?

I am daydreaming hard about BBQing, drinking sangria and lounging in the sunshine. For now, a music mix to put me in the mood will have to do.

Some tunes to kick off your shoes and jam to – join me?

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Home (featuring the Gulu Widows Choir) – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Honeypot – Rebelution
Easy Way Out – Gotye
Sun Of A Gun – Oh Land
Shuffle A Dream – Little Dragon
Kentucky Pill – Johnny Flynn
We Are Young – feat. Janelle Monae – Fun.
Emmylou – First Aid Kit
Courage To Grow – Rebelution
Block After Block (Remix) – Matt & Kim
Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire) – YACHT
Electric Feel – MGMT
Second Chance – Peter Bjorn And John
Tighten Up – The Black Keys
Polish Girl – Neon Indian
Young Blood – The Naked and Famous
Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
Towers – Bon Iver
Rise – Eddie Vedder
Two Loose Cannons – Hot Buttered Rum

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This weekend was just plain fantastic. A night with some college girlfriends over wine, dinner and more wine...a movie date...a hockey game...a rainy Sunday! This weekend is what weekends should look like, always.

1 / Nicole bought me this necklace, so obviously I had to wear it on Saturday.

2 / Burrata pizza and sangria at Pitfire - I am drooling just thinking about this, and am debating trying to re-create it at home this week!

3 / Rainy day baking - made this, sans chocolate chips and nuts. I probably wouldn't leave those out again (had to improvise with what I had) but it was pretty good!

4 / Rainy days are made for reading. Kat lent me this book and I started it yesterday. Oh, and I finished it. Seriously, I read ALL day long (last time I did that was with this book!) and it was the best way ever to spend the day. Realized we didn't even turn on the TV until the Mad Men premiere - which was also great.


odds and ends.

Not a whole lot to report from the past week, which likely led to the radio silence around these parts. Probably a good thing, because I just booked a flight to the bay area in a few weeks and realized I've got some crazy busy weekends coming up. Best friends, brunches, returning TV shows (Mad Men and Game of Thrones, what's up!), movie dates (Hunger Games!), and tickets to see Tosh.0. Win.


1 / Afternoon wine with my girl Ashley at Literati Bar and Grill.
2 / Major snuggling with this fella.
3 / Day trip home to Rancho Cucamonga to visit the fam and get new tires for the car.
4 / White tulips (my absolute fave) from my guy for being his nurse all weekend post-surgery.


omg shoes.

Can I tell you a secret? I hate spending a ton of money on shoes. I can verge on personal bankruptcy for a fabulous dress, a sweet handbag or just one more scarf, but it pains me greatly to spend any money at all on shoes. I guess I missed out on the Manolo gene at birth.

Don't get me wrong, I love shoes! I drool all over them on my computer screen or out shopping with friends. And while I am down to invest in a killer pair of boots on occasion, everyday shoes are just not meant to break my bank.

I am tough on shoes and it just depresses me to drop $100+ on a pair of darling flats only to wear them into the ground every day to work (those of you who wear heels to work, I salute you).

Here are some shoes from my personal collection that I adore (and I get more compliments on these boots than anything else in my wardrobe!):

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Some shoes I have my eye on:

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I have never really been a fan of fancy cocktails. Sure I'll order up something in a bar on occasion, but generally the sugar in mixed drinks makes me feel sick pretty quickly after the intial rush has worn off. I'm pretty simple - give me a bottle (or four) of wine and I am a happy girl!

Unfortunately I rarely have the motivation to finish off a bottle of wine in one sitting (even with D's help), and I worry the wine will go bad by the time I reach for it again. So I'm trying to broaden my horizons with single-serve beverages.* I'm developing quite the taste for scotch (yum!) and have been trying my hand with a few simple cocktails.

I'd been craving a grapefruit margarita ever since I found this recipe, so Friday night I picked up the provisions and made it. Delish. (Photos #3 and 4, above)

I also realized I had everything on hand to make a rosemary gin fizz, so I gave that one a whirl on Saturday. While I liked it, the rosemary flavor wasn't as pronounced as I hoped, so I made some rosemary simple syrup and tried again. WINNER. This has reignited my long dormant love for gin. (Photos #1 and 2 - simple syrup makin')

While wine is still my true love (and just fits right into my laziness - open a bottle and you're in business!), I think I'm going to continue branching out on occasion. Maybe another margarita while watching The Bachelor on my DVR tonight? I think I'll need it to get me through the Women Tell All (barf). Olé!

*Don't get me started on beer. I can't drink it anymore and it makes me weepy. I miss a good ol craft brew!

Rosemary Gin Fizz
adapted from Cookie + Kate / Makes 1 serving

1 oz rosemary simple syrup
1 small lemon, juiced
1 1/2 oz gin
club soda

1/ In a small glass, mix the rosemary simple syrup and lemon juice.
2/ Fill the glass with ice, then pour in the gin and top with club soda.
3/ Mix and drink up...cheers!



This weekend was a perfect combo of fun and relaxation, enjoying the warm incredible weather we had here in LA. Friday D and I did our regular sushi date, Saturday we did dinner/drinks with friends at Mas Malo and Seven Grand downtown, and Sunday I had lunch with my brother in Pasadena.

1 - Dangerously tempting cheese shop in Pasadena.
2 - 14 year Balvenie on the rocks at Seven Grand.
3 - Always wanted to try Lemonade - brother and I picked up drinks there in Pasadena. Verdict: delicious, but a possible sugar coma. I'll prob go for the sugar-free one next time.
4 - Retro telephone booth fun.

One more pic - brother and I wandering around Pasadena after stuffing ourselves at The Counter.


the hills.

View from a friend's house in the Hollywood Hills - amazing.