This weekend was a perfect combo of fun and relaxation, enjoying the warm incredible weather we had here in LA. Friday D and I did our regular sushi date, Saturday we did dinner/drinks with friends at Mas Malo and Seven Grand downtown, and Sunday I had lunch with my brother in Pasadena.

1 - Dangerously tempting cheese shop in Pasadena.
2 - 14 year Balvenie on the rocks at Seven Grand.
3 - Always wanted to try Lemonade - brother and I picked up drinks there in Pasadena. Verdict: delicious, but a possible sugar coma. I'll prob go for the sugar-free one next time.
4 - Retro telephone booth fun.

One more pic - brother and I wandering around Pasadena after stuffing ourselves at The Counter.


Lyndsy said...

love lemonade! the watermelon rosemary one is my fave but definitely for sharing (between 3) due to all the sugar. also amazeballs is the fluer de sel caramel macaroon. tdf!