party pants.

It's my bachelorette party weekend! Tomorrow morning my best girl flies into town for a day of just the two of us, then Friday we head up the coast to one of my favorite places in all of ever - Santa Barbara - for an amazing weekend with my best girls. Party pants: packed. Actually, party LBD is more like it.



A Tahoe Wedding.

Two weekends ago, my best girl got married in North Lake Tahoe. I'd love to show you all sorts of pretty (embarassing) photos, but she's real particular about her picture all over the interweb. So here are a few of my faves from the photos I took, and perhaps when her (incredible!) photographer posts pics, I'll share a few more.


happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day! A midweek day off is pretty much exactly what I needed after the craziness of the past week. Hoping this LA marine layer burns off and we get some summer sunshine. Cheers!