zucchini butter.

I have been supremely lazy lately in the kitchen. An apartment that's masquerading as a sauna equals NO motivation to turn on the oven, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Since signing up for a CSA, though, we've had quite the surplus of fab fruits and veggies, and after having to toss another soggy cucumber from the crisper drawer, I decided it was time to be proactive.

I've had my eye on my languishing zucchini for awhile, and while I was hoping to make some zucchini bread (my fave!), that just wasn't happening. I recalled seeing this recipe for zucchini butter that got an immediate bookmark awhile back, so I pulled it out and figure - why not?

Let me tell you, this stuff is wonderful. I've basically been using it as a base for open-faced sandwiches all week (zucchini butter and heirloom tomatoes on toast - nom). Recommendation: two thumbs up.

A few notes:
- I cooked this down for about 15 minutes - there is no real determining factor in cooking time I think - just how much you're making and how patient you're willing to be (the longer, the better).
- I used olive oil, but next time I might try coconut oil to give it a different spin.
- I only had about 1.25 lbs of zucchini and just kind of guesstimated the ratios, and it was just fine. Art, not science here.

(Photo via, because I couldn't even manage to take a picture before this stuff was gone)