October - it's here! Not only the first of my three favorite months...it's also wedding go-time!

It really feels surreal - we've been engaged for over a year and a half, so for us to be here it's pretty wild!

I had an amazing shower with my best girlfriends a couple weeks ago - sitting around drinking wine at a wine bar, with no shower games in sight? My kind of perfect.

Yesterday brother bear left for the air force, which has been a super bittersweet event that has weighed heavily on me but I haven't really talked about on le blog. I am so proud of this kid for following his dreams in life, but he left for boot camp and thus will not be at my wedding. There have been many tears on my part over this, and hopefully there won't be too many next weekend! In any event, I really am so crazy proud of the man he's growing up to be.

Some photos of life, lately. Tomorrow I'll be back around with a geeky spooky October playlist!

1/Getty adventures
3/Lovely wedding of friends
4/Naps with my naptime buddy
5/Beach and...
6/...brunch day with brother
7/Wine party - champagne sent from amazingly thoughtful out of town friends
8/Wedding crafting


Lyndsy said...

i am sorry your broski will not be at the wedding but really admire your support of him in achieving his dreams!