adventure wednesday.

Years ago, my girl Kat coined "Adventure Wednesday" - a day of the week where you gather who you can and anything can happen (Day trip? Palm reading? Ghost hunting? Drag Queen Bingo?). Unfortunately, as time and age will do, these fantastic weekly Wednesday activities have faded to near non-existence. It's just not as fun to hop on a train in the afternoon, destination unknown, when you know you have to be sitting at your desk at work the next morning.

So instead of participating in Adventure Wednesday, I'm going to reinvent it here, to catalogue all of the adventure-worthy places I love or want to visit.

I have a whole bunch of LA favorites I'd like to discuss, but I also feel sadly outdated. Since we were saving for a wedding for a year and a half, I didn't venture out much to try new things. Like, is it still cool to be all about Father's Office? Should it be embarrassing to admit I love the Century City mall? Or that I wish I could try all the Silverlake hipster spots, if Silverlake just wasn't so damn far away?

Anyway, stick around. Maybe my virtual Adventure Wednesdays will inspire a real life one, too. Time will tell...

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CookieKat said...

I think my favorite Adventure Wednesday was when Ali and I tried to go to Sunset Tan in Weho. The guy from the show was working at the salon, which for the record is far cooler-looking on t.v. than in real life. When we looked at the tan "menu" and realized how much it cost for the novelty of tanning amongst those Hollywood tanning beds, we told the guy we'd be right back (we had left our wallets in the car!). Then we got the H out of there and proceeded to cruise downtown, where we wandered aimlessly and got lost somewhere where we probably shouldn't have been so late (and so un-tanned). I'm pretty sure the night ended in donuts or fast food or wine. Or all of the above.