odds and ends.

I'm real glad it's Friday. I've been super antsy this week, and I'm not sure what brought it on. An itch to make a move, learn a skill, run another half marathon. I'm trying to be patient and see what this shift means and what I should do with it, but patience has never been my strong suit.

Part of it is the need to see good friends and new places and old familiar places, which I guess is basically my brain telling me to get out into the world. I'm hoping 2013 will be my year of adventure!

Here are some things that caught my eye this week and last:

This is the sweetest ever - I want to hug this bear but then she'd probably eat my face in her snow party.

Mary sent me this article and I about died laughing. Just perfect.

D and I will be starting our advent calendar tomorrow, but I kind of wish I had found this sooner! Next year?

I am so in love with this story - good life perspective.

This article really hit home for me as something that has been on my mind - the cost of raising children these days. No kiddos for us in the immediate future, but definitely a someday plan.

Made this last week and will probably make it again this weekend. Delish.

Have a lovely weekend!

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