A New Year.

Well, it's here...2012 is very nearly done! Holiday decorations are down, and the plan was to unpack and get the casa in order before a low key night out with two of my favorite girls and their equally awesome guys.

Unfortunately, D and I were hit hard by either food poisoning, the flu, or some angry hybrid of both. Looks like happy Christmas photos, vacation recaps, resolutions and celebration will have to resume in 2013.

2012 was incredible. But it's just the beginning! I hope you have a beautiful New Year's, friends, and I will see you on the (healthy!) other side!

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merry christmas!

Well, the time has come! Fun, family and friends for the next 11 days of my life. I hope you have a beautiful holiday!

Merry Christmas!


adventure wednesday - travel edition.

Nothing says adventure more than security lines, recirculated air and $6 airport latt├ęs, right? I am not the biggest fan of air travel, to say the least. So I did the smartest thing ever and married a guy who's family lives on the exact other end of the country. The things we do for love...

So in the spirit of travel adventure (and not losing my mind), I have been continually upgrading my travel gameplan with each trip. It HAS gotten easier - but I still wouldn't mind someone slipping me a xanax next Sunday if you wouldn't mind...

A few of my favorite travel items I'm packing on this trip:

Ipad mini // tablet keyboard // Ipad mini case // ear buds // Kindle Game of Thrones // scarf // camera bag insert // water bottle with filter // insulated coffee/tea mug // travel blanket & pillow // eye mask



Christmas is in one week. What the what? I seriously can't process how quickly we are to holiday festivities and 2013.

This weekend was a busy one, celebrating my mama for her birthday, catching a showing of The Hobbit, chopping my hair off and attending our dear friends' annual Christmas song sing-a-long (what puts you more in the Christmas spirit than belting out Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer with live piano accompaniment? Answer: NOTHING!).

The last few years I've been fanatical about getting my shopping done by December 1, and let me just tell you, that did NOT happen this year. I was frantically finishing up our final family gifts last night so they would arrive by Christmas (to be fair, we just received the last part to make these gifts this weekend!).

Cocktails in my sexy new bar set from two dear coworkers...

Silly party shenanigans...



I was all set to post about our annual cookie exchange this weekend, but my laptop was being screwy last night and I gave up. Maybe it's just mad at me for neglecting it for my new love, Ipad mini?

In the meantime, here are a few instagrams friends took. I'm kind of depressed those peanut butter and jelly cookies (last pic) are already gone - they were delish!



This weekend was a good one - a perfect balance of activity and nothing. I always consider weekends that involve at least one nap (and preferably more) a success.

We bought our (slightly off-kilter) Christmas tree on Saturday, with only one near-casualty. When trying to straighten the crooked tree, I ended up tipping it (all 8 feet of it) over just as Max jumped into it's path. I'm happy to report both tree and cat made it through with no damage.

Went to our first holiday party on Saturday, which was a great time with good friends. Favorite party moment: Jamie trying to mix a gifted bottle of 18 year old scotch with eggnog, which was met with several shouts of "Nooooo!" Crisis averted.

Happy December!

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