adventure wednesday - travel edition.

Nothing says adventure more than security lines, recirculated air and $6 airport lattés, right? I am not the biggest fan of air travel, to say the least. So I did the smartest thing ever and married a guy who's family lives on the exact other end of the country. The things we do for love...

So in the spirit of travel adventure (and not losing my mind), I have been continually upgrading my travel gameplan with each trip. It HAS gotten easier - but I still wouldn't mind someone slipping me a xanax next Sunday if you wouldn't mind...

A few of my favorite travel items I'm packing on this trip:

Ipad mini // tablet keyboard // Ipad mini case // ear buds // Kindle Game of Thrones // scarf // camera bag insert // water bottle with filter // insulated coffee/tea mug // travel blanket & pillow // eye mask