everything cookies.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored is figure out if I can bake anything worthwhile with the ingredients I have on hand (with boredom usually comes laziness, so going to the store would be out of the question). So on Saturday in the midst of all the nothing I was involved in, I decided to try my hand at these everything cookies.

I've had these cookies bookmarked since Sara posted them, and I couldn't decide how I felt about them, after reading the recipe. Would there be too much going on? And the added step of chilling them for an hour really disagrees with my need for instant gratification.

Sara has never steered me wrong though, via her blog or her cookbook, so when I realized I had most of the ingredients on hand, I was in.

The only ingredient I didn't have was chocolate chips, and while I'm sure they are incredible in the recipe, I really didn't miss them one bit. D and I both chowed down on these delicious cookies in two days (ok, it was mostly me). I think leaving the chocolate out actually makes all the other flavors really shine; when I make them again (and oh, I will), I will probably keep the recipe as modified. Also, it looks like I need to add Aran's cookbook to my stash.


Recipe from Small Plates and Sweet Treats by Aran Goyoaga, as adapted on Sprouted Kitchen.

// 1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
// 1/2 cup natural cane sugar
// 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
// 1 tsp. vanilla extract
// 1 egg, room temperature
// 1 cup gluten free all purpose flour
// 2 tsp. baking powder
// 2 tsp. baking soda
// 1 tsp. salt
// 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
// 1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
// 1/2 cup oats
// 3/4 cup coarsely chopped pecans
// 2/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes, roughly chopped

Combine the butter, cane sugar and brown sugar in a bowl or stand mixer and mix for three minutes.

Add the vanilla and egg and mix to combine, scraping the sides.

Add the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg. Mix until dough just comes together.

Add the oats, pecans and coconut. Mix until ingredients come together; dough will be sticky. Transfer the dough to a piece of parchment and roll into a tight log 16'' long and about 2'' in diameter. Refrigerate for one hour.

Preheat the oven to 350'. Cut the cookie dough log into 1/2'' thick disks. Place the cookies on a parchment lined cookie sheet, spaced 2'' apart. Bake the cookies for 8-10 minutes, you want them to look slightly underbaked. They get very crispy if overcooked, err on the side of undercooking.

The raw dough or baked cookies keep for 5 days.




(Photo taken last weekend, as this weekend featured less sun/sky and more cold/rain)

A factual account of all of the things I did this weekend:




Basically, I did nothing. Caught up on the DVR, watched this movie (which was about a million times better that I expected! So good, highly recommend), and did boring things like hit the gym and grocery shop. Also, I made some cookies that deserve their own post (RIP cookies, which were so good they are already gone). Sometimes, a weekend like that is just what's needed.

Since I didn't post about last weekend, though, here are a few highlights:

// Sushi at my favorite happy hour sushi spot U-Zen with a few work buddies.

// Boozy brunch at Zengo with B, Lyndsy and Danielle.

// Finally saw Argo! Loved it. Heads and shoulders above Zero Dark Thirty in my opinion.

// Drinks with a new friend at Sonoma Wine Garden.

// My mama came into town for the night Sunday and I took her for drinks at Tavern, since I've been looking for an excuse to have another Tavern on the Green for weeks.

// Monday night I grabbed dinner with an old friend downtown, and he took me to Cole's, where I had the best Old Fashioned of my life.

Whew, seems like I had a pretty boozy 3 day weekend. Maybe that's why this weekend was so boring?

Now, off to tackle another week!


juice cleanse.

Confession: I am currently on day 3/3 of a juice cleanse. I have never done a juice cleanse before, so I admit I didn't want to post about it until I knew I could actually follow through. No use shouting it from the rooftops on Day 1 when I'd just be scarfing cheese and coffee that afternoon!

Cleanses have always appealed to me from afar, but besides trying the Master Cleanse for a few days before prom in high school, I've never pulled the trigger on one. So last week when Jess blogged about her adventure on a juice cleanse, I was intrigued. I've been wanting a kick start for 2013, and this cleanse didn't seem too scary. After an indulgent weekend, I was in.

I woke up on Tuesday feeling not too fab after a long indulgent weekend. I was ready! At times it was definitely a challenge - eating is so ingrained in the daily routine, and not doing it was odd. I was never hungry, though - I added up the calories and they are around 1300 for each day (I did the breakfast juice for my afternoon snack). Overall, I'm pleased with the past few days. I feel amazing, and I'll be curious to see if the few lbs I dropped stays off or not. I definitely feel like this was a good reset, and I would consider doing it again.

The Good:

// No coffee. I was SO worried I was going to get my usual killer caffeine-withdrawal headaches on this, but it seemed that the green tea offset it. I did the hot green tea in the morning, and also had some cold green tea and hot herbal tea in the afternoons. Other than that I drank water.

// No real withdrawals at all, actually. I already avoid gluten and don't tend to eat a ton of sugar, and with so much fruit, I didn't have a sweet tooth.

// Taking a bath at night felt real indulgent.

// Many people didn't like the lunch juice, but I actually kind of loved it. It felt very veggie and healthy.

// Whipping these all up in my (cheapie) blender was no problem at all, and they kept great in the fridge during the workday.

The Bad:

// I was so COLD! I hardly ever get cold, but drinking cold juice, I was freezing after each batch. Drinking hot herbal tea did help, though.

// Scrolling through pinterest or my favorite daily food blogs was torture.

// I didn't work out during the cleanse, but this could have been a mental thing.

What I Learned:

// Coffee is such a vice of mine. I knew this already, but the cleanse made me do some soul-searching. My energy wasn't crazy high, but it was more even-keeled all day long, instead of the usual crash I get when I have my normal couple of cups of coffee in the morning. I need to re-evaluate my coffee consumption.

// I need to make more of an effort to drink herbal tea and WATER. Getting enough water has always been a struggle of mine, and this really reinforced that.

// Giving my body a rest feels great, but I am ready for some normal food tomorrow!

Click Here to check out the info on this cleanse.


{wedding related} odds and ends.

YOU GUYS - our insanely amazing wedding DJ just posted our unedited DJ set and I can't stop smiling and jamming at my desk. I feel like I am there again. CLICK HERE to check it out!

Thank you so much for following along this week with our wedding. I am not a sappy individual, but it was really the most amazing day and weekend of my life thus far, and I am so appreciative to everyone who made it so special. We're pretty damn lucky!

In lieu of odds and ends this Friday, I'd like to give some love to a few of the folks who made our wedding so great...

// The Ace Hotel and Swim Club
// Stone Crandall Photography
// Michael Antonia aka The Flash Dance
// The Emotion Picture Studio
// Over the Rainbow Cupcakes & Desserts
// The Bride & I
// Airplant Supply Co
// Hello!Lucky
// Oh Dier
// Just Buttons

To close the week, here are a few photos that our lovely photographers took around The Ace on our day. I want to keep them here so that when I'm having a tough day, I can visit my own blog and remember that this world is only a 2 hour drive away, and I'll be back real soon.

(All photos by Stone Crandall Photography)


our wedding: ceremony & reception.

Our friend married us. Our dads sang us a song. We partied all night thanks to this guy. We jumped in the pool in our wedding-wear. It was a real good night!

(All photos by Stone Crandall Photography)

Getting Ready & First Look
Details & Portraits


our wedding: details & portraits.

(All photos by Stone Crandall Photography)

Buttons created using images from Love You Daily

Dessert by Over The Rainbow Cupcakes & Desserts

Yesterday: Getting Ready & First Look
Tomorrow: Ceremony & Reception