Friday + News.

Hello there! It's been a surprising and exciting couple weeks around these parts. I got a new job! If that seems shocking, I'm with you - I'm as shocked as anyone.

I have been at my current job for the past five years (literally 5 years in a week). I don't talk about work too much on here because - boring! While I find what I do interesting, I'm sure corporate law would bore most people in blog-land to tears. It's about as far from cat photos and pinterest-inspired craft projects as one can get. But this is my life, and it's who I am.

When I moved to LA in the beginning of 2008, I had no idea where I'd end up. I made the move on a wish and a prayer, and in retrospect, how crazy was I? Mere months later, the financial industry had a meltdown and the world followed suit, and people started getting laid off left and right - especially in Biglaw.

Luckily work was still happening for us, and we trucked along. Biglaw is a transitory place, and people came and went. I've lived in three apartments since I started, and added a cat and a husband to the mix. My job has been the longest permanence I've had in anything in life since before I went off to college. This little windowless office of mine really does feel like home sometimes, and the friends I've made here are lasting.

All that said, I was approached by a recruiter last week (!) about an incredible in-house opportunity. After meeting the team and doing some serious soul-searching, I decided to take the leap to something new. If not now, then when? I am overwhelmed and terrified, and excited, too!

Two weeks from today is my last day. Lots to do in two weeks! But for now, I think some celebrating is in order. Have a lovely weekend!

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