We're Moving!

D and I have lived in our current apartment for a little over 3 years, and it's been good to us. It will always have a special place in my heart for being our first home together. But that said, we have been dying to move for about a year now. Living in our place afforded us the opportunity to throw an amazing wedding, but now we're 6 months on the other side of that and ready for a home that feels a little more like home and a lot less like a place you'd make do with in college.

We've been on the hunt for months, but nothing felt right (well, nothing in our budget anyway). We'd see a few places, get discouraged, then take a break for a few weeks.

This week, we checked out an apartment near my work on my lunchbreak, but it was another disappointment. Discouraged but not surprised, I came back to the office and decided to give Craigslist one last glance for the day. And just before noon, a darling townhouse in the neighborhood we currently live in (and love) was posted! Cautiously optimistic, we set an appointment to check it out after work.

Upon seeing the place, we knew this was the one. We immediately submitted an application and crossed our fingers, and 48 hours later, we were signing a lease!

I am already itching to get the ball rolling, but we can't move in for a couple weeks. For now, I have to make do with pinning ideas like crazy, organizing, and starting the great pre-moving purge. In the meantime, I'll distract myself with fun weekend plans with friends and family. Have a lovely weekend!

An instagram I took of our new patio (finally, some outdoor space!)

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