Usually for Mother's Day (and Father's Day), my parents elect to stay home and I offer to make brunch for us to enjoy and relax. Much more manageable than making reservations for a crowded restaurant! This year, with brother off in Hawaii, it was just the four of us (D & me, mom & dad). I kept things simple and did most of the prep work at home in LA before making the hour drive to Rancho.

The hot smoked salmon was made using this stovetop smoker - a wedding gift that has gotten unbelievable use! It's incredibly easy to use and the results are super healthy and tasty.

The potato salad is a modification of this recipe (I used regular light mayo and sprinkled fresh dill instead of using pea sprouts), and the arugula watermelon salad is this recipe. I served fresh fruit with homemade lime whipped cream for dessert (really, just homemade whipped cream with some lime zest grated in) - didn't catch a pic but the whipped cream was SO good and I wish I had made twice as much (though my waistline thanks me that I didn't).