Last Friday was my 29th birthday. Not too monumental, so I didn't really plan anything in advance. But then as it got closer I realized I'd be missing a Friday birthday opportunity, so I pulled a few things together. It ended up being the most perfect weekend and one of my best birthdays! The highlights:

This picture, taken by my buddy Nicole on her Parisian travels last week. So fun!

// took the day off work, slept in, worked out, got a massage.

// our dear friend Dane took us out for the night - dinner at Wilshire, which was so incredibly good. Much love to Dane for this amazing treat! Dinner turned into one too many drinks. No regrets!

// Saturday afternoon champagne brunch at Sonoma Wine Garden with some girlfriends, which turned into crashing the pool scene at The Fairmont, which turned into too much sun for me and a night in with said girlfriends and some thai food.

// Sunday dinner at our new casa with my parents. Mama baked me a cake!

The weekend ended with champagne sipping while watching Joan being a badass on Mad Men, and the most dramatic* Game of Thrones ever. Unless you read the books. But still, kind of dramatic, eh?

Also still enjoying these beautiful birthday peonies from the lovely B over at live-to-the-point-of-tears. I've never been good about keeping flowers around (mainly because in our old place, there was no good place to put them out of cat reach), but I'm thinking I'm going to start making this a weekly treat. Really does brighten things up!

*said in a Chris Harrison rose ceremony voice